5 Beliefs About Money Which Are Keeping You Broke!

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5 Beliefs About Money Which Are Keeping You Broke! by Emily Chadbourne

I get asked about money almost daily.

How do you make more money?

Why don’t I have more money?

How can I manifest more money?

As much as it irritates the fuck out of me, I also totally get it. Money makes the world go around, right? And we all want more of it.

Maybe you think more money will make you happier (because, shoes).

Maybe you think more money will make you less anxious (because the illusion of certainty is compelling).

Maybe you think more money will bring you freedom (because #laptoplifestyle #instainfluencer #shirleyvalentine) (Jeez I’m showing my age with that last one. Just Google it!)

And let’s be really fucking honest, maybe some of that is true in certain contexts. I am in no way denying that money can buy truly excellent experiences, so I really do understand the desire for more of it. In fact, I share the desire for it (because, #unashamedlyhuman).

But I also know (after years of being broke, then working out how to make money in my own business whilst studying ‘successful’ people) that money doesn’t make you happy, less anxious or free. Those motivational Insta tiles don’t lie – happiness is an inside job. I could rant about it for days but that’s another blog for another time (or maybe a podcast – stay tuned to Unashamedly Human for that one).

The reality is, money is important. Unless you want to don an orange robe and give away your worldly possessions, we all need money to survive this world so today, I am going to share 5 beliefs I commonly hear from my clients and when they shift this thinking, their ability to make more money skyrockets!

Belief 1 – It’s not my fault

Yep, I’m opening with the one no one wants to hear. It’s not my fault.

It’s not my fault the school fees are so high; it’s not my fault I have a mortgage I can barely afford; it’s not my fault I have 3 credit cards, 4 store cards and a personal loan.

Um, all your fault, actually. You signed up to all of those things. These are life responsibilities and YOU have to take responsibility for them.

Again, let me say that I get it; this was a massive one for me to be a grown up about. If I’m gonna be really honest, I hung out with my credit card debt for way too long. Years of waiting tables for minimum wage and waiting for something or someone to come and clear my debt for me didn’t work out too well, funnily enough.

I’m not ashamed but I am a little embarrassed to admit that I was secretly living in the hope of winning the lottery or finding out that I had an Aunt named Joan who I’d never met and had died peacefully in her sleep and left me 2.4 million and her extensive collection of handbags, or I’d marry Prince Harry (obvs!).

It wasn’t until I took charge of my situation that my situation changed.  I stopped paying off minimal repayments or even worse, missing them and then incurring fees and charges. I got real about how much was coming in and how much was going out and I stopped spending above my means. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

So stop waiting for the miracle and be the fucking miracle and you can quote me on that!

Belief 2 – There’s not enough money for me.

This is the perception that there is a limited supply of money, a finite amount if you will.

Imagine I have a pie (apple and blackberry because everyone knows that’s the best one) and let’s say I take 2 thirds of the pie and eat it. You now can’t have 2 whole thirds of the delicious pie. It’s like saying ‘you have, therefore I don’t’ and I see many people take this attitude with money. ‘you have therefore I don’t’ and it is just bullshit.

Instead, start understanding that money is just an energy, the exchange of appreciation. It is infinite and abundant and just because I have some doesn’t mean it’s taken from a collective pot. I gave myself an affirmation which really helped with this and it was “there is unlimited energy in the universe and money is energy I attract easily”.

Belief 3 – I’m not good with money.

I love this one because it ties into the absolution of responsibility. I’m not good with money. What does that even mean. You don’t see babies come into this world knowing how to ride a bike or use a computer or even walk. Right? They learn these skills once they get here and so to assume that the skill of money management is something that some people are naturally blessed with and some aren’t, is as batt shit crazy as expecting a baby to come out of the womb and immediately take it’s driving test.

As humans we’re really good at acting in accordance with the identity we’ve been given or assumed. If you tell someone they’re shy enough times, they’ll become shy. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you’ll be unlikely to do it.

And so maybe you haven’t learnt the skill of money management yet, but I promise that if you start telling yourself you’re good at saving and managing your money, you’ll start acting in accordance with that identity and your situation will improve.

Belief 4 – Money is a bad thing.

You’d be surprised how many people hold this belief and don’t even know it. They assume that money is the root of all evil and so makes people greedy, selfish and corrupt and we’ve all seen movies, TV shows and been read stories which support this belief. But if subconsciously, you believe this to be true AND you yourself don’t want to be evil (which I assume you don’t), you’ll have a hard time making a shit tonne of cash right? In fact, you’ll repel money because of its perceived evil properties. One of the best ways to smash through this belief is to look for evidence to the contrary. Start making the conscious effort to see where money is doing good, where people are generous and kind and where money brings out the best in people. Write it down if you need to but I’m telling you now, reality is just about perception so look for the good and you’ll experience more good.

Belief  5 – Money is hard to make.

Well, with that attitude it is!

Some of the most stupid people I know have lots of cash. Money’s not hard it make; you’re just making it hard by ignoring bills, sitting in the fear of making a change and ignoring opportunities when they come knocking. I used to think making money was hard and so I stayed in my shitty waitressing job until the pain of being so unfulfilled became greater than the fear of stepping up and trying something new.

As I said I said earlier, I could talk about this for days and there is so much to unpack around money – how you were taught to be with money, what your parents, friends, culture taught you about money, your vibrational frequencies around wealth – there is so much I teach my clients and clear for them so they can be free to call in abundance but for now, start looking at what you believe to be true about yourself and the relationship you have with money. Change that, change your reality.

If you want to know more about how I help my clients reset their money mindset so they can increase their wealth then email [email protected] or get in touch with me personally by sending me a DM on Insta @unashamedlyhuman but I will say this, you MUST be willing to change your behaviour with money. This means you’re going to have to start investing in YOURSELF. If you’re ready to do that, I am here to help.

If you still want to check me out a bit more, I get it. I have a (brilliant) podcast Unashamedly Human (listen here) and a FREE Facebook group Unashamedly Human with Emily Chadbourne which you can join here!

Big love,
Em x





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