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Unashamedly Human - Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Hands up who has heard (many times) the traditional personal development chorus line that we need to love ourselves first. Man, I can’t tell you how many times I heard that.

But when I was a broke, exhausted waitress who, at the age of 33 had just had her heart broken (again!) loving myself seemed a long way off. In fact, it all sounded like total bullshit that only happy, loved up, wildly successful rich people spouted.

The truth is, we don’t get taught the skill of self-love, or confidence, or how to manage any of the unashamedly human aspects of being human. Nor do we get taught the universal laws of life – how we are always manifesting our reality and more importantly, HOW to start CONSCIOUSLY CREATING the life of our dreams.

So how the hell are we meant to know WHAT TO DO to create financial abundance or attract our perfect partner, or have the health we long for?

Let me guess; you know what you want: love, money, a healthy body, and freedom. But sometimes it feels like you're in Groundhog day - you're working your ass off, but your goals don't seem any closer and you’re not sure where the magic solution is to living the life you so desperately desire.

And I get it.

Like I said, 3 years ago I was wondering HOW to get myself out of the rut I’d found myself in.

  • I knew I was destined for more. I knew I didn’t want to feel so scared by life.
  • I knew I wanted the confidence and clarity to pursue my dreams (even though back then I had no idea of my purpose on this planet).
  • I knew my relationships were hard and I was beginning to doubt if I would ever find love.
  • I knew I was self-sabotaging and I knew I didn’t know why.
  • I felt overwhelmed and confused by this crazy thing called life.

So I made a decision. It was one that changed my world. I decided to start investing in myself.

I took my resources (which we all have at our disposal) my time, money and energy and I started investing them in ME. I started looking to those who had what I craved to find out what they were doing that I wasn’t.

You see for a long time, I just thought life happened to me. That I was at the fate of the universe, other people’s actions, and circumstances out of my ‘control’.

The moment I worked out HOW to consciously create DESPITE outside influences and HOW to work through the human parts of me I’d once feared, EVERYTHING changed.

I began to attract amazing relationships, financial abundance I didn’t dream possible, business success and a HUGE dose of self-love and the confidence which propelled me into the phenomenal life I now live.

Is my life without problems? Hell no!

But do I now have the tools and techniques to move through the problems of life with grace, dignity, and trust? Hell yes!

And now, I get to share what I’ve learned over the last 3 years with other awesome humans who are ready to take back the control of their lives.

So whether you’re looking to attract your perfect partner, optimal body, full bank account or dream career, this is for you.

I’m running a half day workshop where you will learn:

  • HOW to gain confidence in your decision making, knowing and trusting they are the right decisions.
  • HOW to design a compelling future for yourself and HOW to achieve it.
  • HOW to move through your fears and doubts to consciously create the life of your dreams.

Wondering what it would take to feel accomplished, inspired, full of energy and a zest for life again?

Then join me and a room full of like-minded awesome humans who also want to learn the step by step process that I have used to create financial abundance, phenomenal relationships, a business I adore that affords me time and travel freedom and the healthiest body I’ve ever had. Here's what other amazing women have called into their lives from attending one of my live events:

I found my dream man days after attending Emily’s event!
I went from being broke and unhappy at work and home to finding my perfect (well paid) job AND saving my marriage in just 1 month of working with Em.
— Belinda, CANBERRA
I thought I was going to be single forever. I was so tired and exhausted by dating. And then I met Emily. In 2 months I was fit, happy and dating again. And next month I’m getting married, all thanks to Em.
— Nicola, LONDON
I was struggling to find clients until I met Em. The moment I worked out HOW to manifest in what I want, clients came knocking at my door!

If you’re ready to stand in your power, learn how to take risks with confidence and clarity, hold your standards and assert healthy boundaries so that you can CONSCIOUSLY CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS, then join me in this intimate workshop (seats capped at 30 so that I can make sure I give each of you in the room my personalised attention).

My workshops SELL OUT quickly so make sure you secure your spot TODAY.


  • My 8 step process to changing your life around, quickly
  • What is secretly holding you back from having what you want
  • How to work with the laws of the universe to co-create the exact life you desire
  • What to do when it doesn’t go to plan (because I’m a realist) and how to quickly get back on track


  • No selling. I will not (and cannot) take a cent in the room. This is not one of those awful half day events where I just try and get you to join one of my programs. I promise 3 and a half hours of jam-packed GOLD content. If you want to know how you can continue working with me after the event, you can hang around and speak to me at the end.
  • Fun. I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed so I promise lots of laughs.
  • Safety. I don’t make you speak, or share, or get up and dance like a weirdo (unless you want to!) All you need to do is rock-up and be ready to absorb my VERY BEST content.
  • Change. My workshops CHANGE PEOPLE’S LIVES. So if you’re ready to see huge improvements in how you feel & think and therefore the reality you experience, join me at this transformational workshop.

I look forward to supporting you as you navigate that crazy thing called life.

Much love, Em x

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