speaking testimonials – Jason

David Lipschitz

As the Group General Manager of Brands at Specialty Fashion Group I was looking for a fresh way to challenge and motivate my head office and regional management team of executives. I wanted the team to be equipped to manage the challenges that lay ahead at the same time I didn’t want to take a cookie cutter approach to what was an important topic for our brand at the time. I wanted something different.

Too often you go along to a conference, sit through a session or presentation/discussion and walk away from that with no action or change in behaviour. I wanted something else. After research and networking I was introduced to Emily. We engaged Emily for a session at our recent Brand Day which turned out to be a total hit with the team.

She was fantastic. She quickly engaged the audience of 80 people and certainly had them on the edge of their seats. Through story telling and the sharing of real life experiences she cut to the core of how my team should be thinking and behaving when faced with a challenging situation or environment. It was fun, educational, motivating and more than anything thought provoking for the team.

An awesome experience. An experience that had the team really thinking about themselves , their situations and how to stare into the face of adversity and over come. Money well spent and some great laughs to this moment. Thanks Emily. You nailed it. A great session.