Jacqui Sheree – Client Testimonial

David Lipschitz

Emily is absolutely amazing.

I have always been quite successful in my career, but never really felt fulfilled.
When Emily came into my life it was perfect timing. I reevaluated my career choice and gained insight into myself and why I do what I do, going through a couple of major role and business changes.
I had always battled with overwhelm, time, self belief and many other limiting beliefs and Emily has really helped me mange those.

I have watched Emily grow so much over the time we’ve worked together, and that truly excites me. It excites me because not only does Em get great results for her clients, she truly lives, breathes and acts on her content and constantly levels up.

Emily is real, personal and relatable . She has incredible value in her content and has helped many amazing women in their lives. Whether it be the corporate world, a side hustle, or every day life, Emily brings the goods.

In my corporate roles I’ve managed businesses and people across multiple states for some of Australia’s largest retailers and have utilized Emily’s mindset coaching to increase results from my team.