Sarah Carrie – Client Testimonial

David Lipschitz

For a good year I was stumbling in the dark with my online business, I knew I wanted to create an online empire and I also knew that I had reached as far as I could take myself. Nothing changes if nothing changes. My mindset was blocking me and so were my skills. Emily showed me it was ok to be me. I didn’t have to have it perfect just as long as I stepped into my own light. Within the first month of working with Em I knew exactly where I was going -something that had eluded me for over a year! My mind was clearer with amazing tools to help me course correct when life got in the way.

As one of Emily’s business clients I belong to a beautiful community of entrepreneurs who have each other backs and Emily is there for me to call on whenever I have questions. I know I can trust Emily to give me advice and not be soft on me when I need to hear the truth. Emily treats my business like it is as important as her own and she truly cares about my results.

Emily has a unique skill to adapt to any business. Our businesses in the group vary so much but you would think Emily was an expert in them all. Don’t get me wrong Emily has high expectations, you must put in the work but your return on investment is second to none. Like any new business owner, I thought ‘I can’t afford to pay for a coach’ but now I realise I couldn’t afford to be without Emily Chadbourne. Emily you are a legend xxxx