Welcome to That Crazy Thing Called Life, a 14 day program for just which is so much more than a course. It is a growing community of women who one day, found themselves feeling stagnant and disappointed by life (wasn't it meant to be more fun and abundant than this?) and are taking the action to change their results. These women are courageous and powerful and abundant... now. Before this work, they didn't think they were.

And for so long, I didn't think I was either.  I remember waking up one morning in my mid 30's, hung over, drenched in shame, broke, single, lonely and totally directionless. I didn't know how life had slipped past me. I felt bored but too stuck by my circumstances to make any change. I'd forgotten who I was (if I'd ever known) and I longed for the confidence that everyone around me seemed to have in abundance.

Why was it easier for everyone else to get their shit together and manifest their careers, businesses, partners, babies, health, houses, friendships?  I felt like I was treading water and not knowing which way to turn. Did everyone else had a secret map guiding them? Did mine get lost in the post? What was I meant to do, who was I meant to be and how the mother-fucking hell was I meant to get there?

Unfulfilled was the word I would use to describe the Me of 4 years ago. 

But now my life has totally changed but don't worry, I'm not going to sit here and tell you how amazing my life is because that's a bit gross (honestly when I see #LaptopLifestyle or #LivingMyBestLife I just read #SuperWanker) and the Me of 4 years ago would punch Now-Me in the face (and Me of 4 years ago still scares me a bit - jokes, I've totally befriended that scared and hurting woman who just didn't have the tools to speak her truth, know herself or change her reality).

Now, not only do I have those tools but I share them with other women, just like you so that you too can develop the unshakable certainty in yourself to go for your dreams, love deeper than ever before, attract more wealth and health and navigate that crazy thing called life. And this last bit is really important for my integrity as a coach because life can be an absolute twat sometimes - let's not pretend it's all roses and  Rosé. That's why I give you the frameworks, support and guidance not just to manifest your dreams, but to deal with fear and heal trauma and manage the shit days. Because without these tools, you'll only ever see short term success (ever done 'personal development' before and it hasn't worked? - all good babe, my approach is all about being Unashamedly Human and my clients all over the globe are seeing quantum, sustained changes in their lives thanks to my unique system).

 I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that if you're still reading, you'll probably be interested in this program.

I got to thinking that the Me of 4 years ago (who paid over $10,000 for her first personal development course, on a payment plan she couldn't afford and with no idea if it was going to work) really could have done with something in her budget that didn't overwhelm her.

I needed someone who I trusted, who got where I was at, who could give me personalised mentoring and who didn't take herself too seriously, guiding me step by step through the foundation work as I turned my life around.

I needed a safe community, nurture, understanding and solidarity as I leveled up.

I needed easy to consume, short punchy videos (not hours of webinars or scripted perfection) and supporting material (workbooks, meditations), drip fed to me so I could actually implement what I was learning.

I needed someone who demonstrated to me personally that anything is possible and more than that, believed that anything was possible for me too.

And now, I find myself in a place where I can give that to you. And so that's exactly what I am doing.

But wait, there’s more.

As a BONUS for a limited time only, I am including a 5-part video training series on Managing Fear.

Over 3 hours of content – videos, meditations, webinars, workbooks and affirmations (that work) to help you overcome procrastination, manage overwhelm, take action and come unstuck!

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The power of investing in yourself!

We all find the money and the time for the things that are important to us (I once spent 3 hours walking around a shopping centre looking for the perfect pair of shoes. I spent half my month’s rent on a pair that were not perfect, and I wore them twice – the first time they made my feet bleed and the second time (because I didn’t learn from the first time) I threw them in the McDonalds bin in Leicester Square on my way home. True story!)  Yet so many of us forget that WE are valuable, important and worth investing in! So we waste money and time looking for relief, an escape or distraction in our external world as opposed to creating the space and giving ourselves permission to find it within.

Making this investment for yourself is a massive step in valuing who you are. Your biggest asset is your mind, it has untapped power which can change your world, your relationships and your whole experience in this crazy thing called life.

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Here are just some of the skills you will develop and experiences you will have by making time and space to honour yourself.


Studies show that 96-98% of the way we think is habitual. And as 70% of our time in the west is spent living in high stress, most of us are existing in survival mode because of the stories we are so used to telling ourselves. We assume the worst, carry around past trauma as if it is still happening and condition ourselves to fear. We keep ourselves small and safe and then wonder why our lives seem to be shrinking and not expanding.

Imagine if you had the tools to catch your thoughts, recognise the stories of fear and doubt that are currently holding you back and had a solid framework to follow so that you can take aligned action with confidence and certainty instead of swimming around in indecision and repeating the same patterns.


“Learn to be calm and you will always be happy.” Paramahansa Yogananda

There is so much going on in the outside world and our minds get very noisy. Meditation is one of the tools which you will learn to get in touch with your inner world and let go of stress. In the quiet you will learn how to tap into your intuition and make certain decisions from a place of calm.


Your paradigms (your programming which is made up of your experiences, memories, childhood conditioning, beliefs, social network etc) control all areas of your life from your finances to your relationships to your health. These paradigms will be evident in the thoughts you have. How you think dictates how you feel and how you feel will determine the action that you do (or do not) take, which ultimately manifests in the results you are currently creating in your life.

If you are not happy or fulfilled with the results you have then it’s time you changed your paradigm.

Imagine knowing how to identify the root cause of your triggers and walk confidently into your future knowing your past doesn’t have power over you. What could be different if you had this level of control and confidence in your future?


Connection is key in everything I stand for. Connection is at the core of being Unashamedly Human, firstly to self and then to others.

Through our 14 days together, you will uncover a relationship with yourself that is more trusting, more confident and so divine that you will be able to reconnect to your loved ones, call in new friendships and relationships and lead from a whole new level. Imagine being someone that others looked up to and respected; someone who had a magnetic energy and moved with an inner peace and calm.

And, as your vibe attracts your tribe you can bet your ass that the other women who are saying YES to themselves right now by investing in That Crazy Thing Called Life are amazing too. You can connect with them and me personally through the supporting Facebook community where you can share insights, ask questions and be united in a nurturing and empowering tribe of love, laughter and accountability.

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That Crazy Thing Called Life Course is only the beginning for you, but from the start I want you to get the most out of our time together.

So this course is packed full of content that will get you on the path to navigating this crazy thing called life in the best possible way for YOU.

This is what you're going to receive over our 14 days together

  • 6 videos detailing the 6 foundations that you need to implement instantly

  • 4 bonus Unashamedly Human Moments With Em (guided video meditations - my unique daily practice)

  • Workbooks and resources to guide you through each video

  • Accountability, action steps and tribe

  • Genuine Em love over in the Facebook Community

What others are saying about working with Emily:
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